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by Alexander Christiani | referring to Matt Goodwin’s recent commentary

I refer to Matt Goodwin’s recent commentary “Winter is coming” (annexed hereto). As it is common knowledge that “extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures”, I think, it would now be well fitting for the King to go on national television and address the malaise in his country in a convincing  and compassionate way to give hope and perspective to all.

It would be so necessary but alas, it will not happen, since the Royal family, besides some cosmetical changes (no more  “ladies in waiting”(sic!)) is and will not be willing to cut through the “Gordian Knot”. In this case, King Charles III would even be more popular than before – I am certain of it…

I have come in contact  often enough with people of the “upper class” and learned to admire their wit, sense of humour and, sometimes self-ridicule-as well as their impeccable manners and intelligence… But now, I hold no brief for this  people – inside or outside the Tories – who are mostly responsible for Britain leaving the Union, where the slippery slope started and greatly contributes to  the manifold problems of this country.

They, as Matt Goodwin rightly puts it, have never given a toss (not to say s…) for the plight of ordinary citizens,let alone for the future of the country as such. It is very unfortunate, that  most is home grown and could have been avoided or at least tempered.

What stance the Austro-British Society – committed to the friendship between the two countries and societies – should take? Are we right in criticising what is happening over there,or shouldn’t we rather – perhaps  by some kind of  public announcement – voice our understanding and  empathy for the plight of the British people?

Britain is still far too important for the whole of Europe in the fields of defense, intelligence, crime prevention and others, not to be taken seriously. It has to be remembered too, that the United Kingdom has always been a champion within the EU for a common market and the liberty of world trade. The European Union and ideed all of us, would therefore be well advised to advocate continued close cooperation with this country and to wish it well.


What are your experiences in negotiations if you take the above into consideration? Please let us know! We are looking forward to receiving your comments!



About the author

Former Ambassador Dr Alexander Christiani is the Vice-President of the Austro-British Society and leads the ABS Expert Group which releases high-quality Policy Papers with first-hand background information on current political developments. Dr Christiani is a member of the board of the Austrian Society for Foreign Politics and the United Nations. His professional career led him to the hotspots of political developments all over the world (e.g. to the Middle East, South Africa, New York and many others) where he contributed reasonably to Austria’s excellent diplomatic reputation in the world.
The views expressed in this article are entirely his and reflect in no way the opinions of the ABS.