Her Majesty’s Birthday

Her Majesty’s Birthday Queen Elisabeth II turns 95  by Colin A. Munro I first became aware of the Queen’s remarkable impact in remote parts of the Commonwealth during my posting (1973-77) to the British High Commission (embassy in a Commonwealth country) in Malaysia.  One of my duties was to report on developments in ... Weiterlesen >

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Protecting our people

 by H.E. Ambassador Leigh Turner This blog article is republished without any modification from https://blogs.fcdo.gov.uk/author/leighturner/ by courtesy of the author. “My boy is back. Thanks for all the hard work that helped make this happen!” The tweet sent late morning on 4 April 2020 shows two happy faces. Father and son reunited again in the ... Weiterlesen >

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The White Man’s Burden

Racism as a Permissible “Dimension” For a Better Understanding of the Nature of what was once the Greatest Regulatory Power for the Far East and West by Wolfgang Geissler In the wake of the emotional afterglow of Anglophilia following my stay in England the year before, my father presented me at Christmas 1960 ... Weiterlesen >

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