Diplomatic language troubles | The next episode

Ambassadorial Experiences | part 6 BY COLIN A. MUNRO East Germany In January 1990 on the occasion of the belated visit to East Germany by Douglas Hurd (DH), Ambassador Broomfield and I told him that the GDR was finished. He said he would tell Mrs Thatcher she would just have to get used ... Weiterlesen >

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How diplomacy saved a zoo director’s job in Africa

Ambassadorial Experiences | Part 5 BY ALEXANDER CHRISTIANI State visit of the President of Kenia, Arap Moi to Austria at the beginning of the nineties. His host was Kurt Waldheim, at that time Federal President of Austria. Official talks at the Bundeskanzleramt, Grosser Kongress Saal. I, as Director of the department for the Middle ... Weiterlesen >

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The German Phrase Book (disaster)

BY MELANIE SULLY After reading the amusing contributions by Ambassador Christiani and Jochen Ressel on some awkward language situations I decided to relate my first encounter with Austria in 1970. Having decided Vienna, the city of music, would be the next place I should visit ‘abroad’ I bought a German phrase book. We ... Weiterlesen >

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Language Problems

When a British tries to impress the Spaniards by Jochen Ressel Our Austro-British Society's Vice President Alexander Christiani provided an excellent blog article about his Ambassadorial language experiences in the Netherlands. When reading this, it reminded me of a quite lovely and humorous story that occurred during my time working for the London ... Weiterlesen >

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How (not) to overcome language barriers

Ambassadorial Experiences | Teil 4 BY ALEXANDER CHRISTIANI During my time of service in the Netherlands, I also witnessed the unspeakable "sanctions" against Austria – triggered in February 2000 by the decision of the then Chancellor Schüssel to form a coalition with the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), led by Jörg Haider. Between February ... Weiterlesen >

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How a Pub Visit in Erdberg cost England €3 bn

BY WOLFGANG GEISSLER Once upon a time, when schools were still on a Saturday and cinemas had matinees, our Professor in English shepherded forty-two excited fourth-formers on such a day to such a cinema. It was the “Bürgerkino”, now a bank, on Landstraßer Hauptstraße, in Vienna’s third district. The year was 1958. The ... Weiterlesen >

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South Africa at its best

Ambassadorial Experiences | Part 3 BY ALEXANDER CHRISTIANI During my time in South Africa, I once visited a doctor's office in Capetown.There, the registration necessitated to fill out a rather comprehensive form. A few days later a lady from the doctor's office called and the following conversation ensued: Are you Mr. Christiani? Yes ... Weiterlesen >

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Is Britain drifting towards an authoritarian pseudo parliamentarian illiberal democracy?

BY WOLFGANG GEISSLER As prophesied by Lord Hailsham in 1976, Elective Dictatorship is much closer to the truth in today's United Kingdom than most would believe. At least as an observer and with a son still living in the UK, one may be inclined to assume that a fully fledged authoritarian pseudo parliamentarian ... Weiterlesen >

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