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Diplomatic lessons, Vienna 2016-2021 by former Ambassador Leigh Turner This blog article is republished without modifications from by courtesy of the author. When I was appointed as a junior diplomat to Vienna in September 1984, my letter of appointment, signed by Her Majesty the Queen and Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe, contained ... Weiterlesen >

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Relevance in question: The Olympic Games

by Jochen Ressel As a sports Epeé fencer, a number of years ago, I decided to dive deeper into this fascinating sport than just having training multiple times per week – covering tactics, concentration, fencing technique, speed, muscularity and elasticity, whilst participating in numerous competitions over the season. I wanted to understand fencing ... Weiterlesen >

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Diplomatic Lessons: Embrace Responsibility

by H.E. Ambassador Leigh Turner This blog article is republished without any modification from  by courtesy of the author. When I started work as head of the Overseas Territories Department of the FCO (as it then was) in July 2006, I inherited from my predecessor three steel cabinets stuffed full of files.  They covered all ... Weiterlesen >

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Nelson Mandela’s first public appearance

… and why he was forced to delay it Ambassadorial Experiences | Part 2 By Alexander Christiani Nelson Mandela, after 27 years of incarceration by the Apartheid regime, was finally set free in Capetown on a sunny and hot Sunday on February 11, 1990. I, at that time, had the good fortune to ... Weiterlesen >

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Austria suddenly politically isolated

One of several remarkable personal experiences of the former Austrian Ambassador in the Netherlands Ambassadorial Experiences | Part 1 Dr Alexander Christiani When on 4 February 2000 the Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel decided to form a government with the Haider-FPÖ, hell broke loose in Europe. A number of European member states imposed “sanctions” ... Weiterlesen >

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