Diplomatic Lessons: Embrace Responsibility

by H.E. Ambassador Leigh Turner This blog article is republished without any modification from https://blogs.fcdo.gov.uk/leighturner/2021/06/22/diplomatic-lessons-8-2006-8-embrace-responsibility/  by courtesy of the author. When I started work as head of the Overseas Territories Department of the FCO (as it then was) in July 2006, I inherited from my predecessor three steel cabinets stuffed full of files.  They covered all ... Weiterlesen >

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Nelson Mandela’s first public appearance

… and why he was forced to delay it Ambassadorial Experiences | Part 2 By Alexander Christiani Nelson Mandela, after 27 years of incarceration by the Apartheid regime, was finally set free in Capetown on a sunny and hot Sunday on February 11, 1990. I, at that time, had the good fortune to ... Weiterlesen >

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Austria suddenly politically isolated

One of several remarkable personal experiences of the former Austrian Ambassador in the Netherlands Ambassadorial Experiences | Part 1 Dr Alexander Christiani When on 4 February 2000 the Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel decided to form a government with the Haider-FPÖ, hell broke loose in Europe. A number of European member states imposed “sanctions” ... Weiterlesen >

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How live experience & digitalisation work together by Joanna Godwin-Seidl The National Theatre in Britain was the first theatre to broadcast digital versions of their shows, as far back as 2009, the programme they initiated was called “NT Live”, closely followed by Metropolitan Opera of New York. This new form of show viewing ... Weiterlesen >

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1955: The Winner is Austria

State Treaty. The story of how Austria struggled for freedom with skill and luck over ten long years is incredibly exciting. A historian's life’s work. By Günther Haller in “DIE WELT BIS GESTERN” (“The World until Yesterday”) (“Die Presse”, Saturday, 15 May 2021) Translated into English from the original German by Wolfgang Geissler. ... Weiterlesen >

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Elections to the Scottish Parliament on 6 May

What they mean for UK by Colin A. Munro Summary During a visit to Scotland on 27 January for photo opportunities with military and NHS staff combatting the COVID 19 pandemic, Boris Johnson said: “Wild horses will not keep me away from Scotland during the election campaign. I’ll be campaigning across the whole ... Weiterlesen >

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