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Are we facing a New World Order?


“It’s all about China.” Our President, Prof Dr Kurt Tiroch, started his introduction to Prof Dr Horvat’s lecture at the Café Ministerium with this statement of fact. China is huge. Over the last twenty years, its national economy grew by 9% year after year.  We cannot ignore China. It ... Weiterlesen >

The Battle of Britain – and no winner …


It’s obvious that the Austro-British Society is obliged to meet when the schedule of the UEFA European Football Cup tells us that England vs. Scotland is the game of the evening. And so it was. A football dedicated group of members gathered in the Café Ministerium on Friday, June ... Weiterlesen >



"Polo ist eine Mannschaftssportart, bei der die auf Pferden reitenden vier Spieler pro Mannschaft einen Ball mit einem langen Holzschläger in das gegnerische Tor schlagen. Die Spieler tragen Helme und wechseln während des Spiels mehrfach die Pferde." ...weiß die Wikipedia und dank der Expertise von Jochen Ressel wissen es ... Weiterlesen >

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Is Brexit Done?!

Written by Colin Munro


From a British (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) perspective, Brexit will not only make the country poorer and less secure, it may also accelerate the breakup of a hitherto exceptionally successful multinational state. However, neither the negative consequences of Brexit, nor the mishandling until recently of the pandemic, will bring down the Conservative government in the period ahead. But a disintegrating union, combined with the inevitable failure of Brexit to deliver any of the benefits (apart from keeping out immigrants needed by the health service and some sectors of … Weiterlesen >



THE UK-EU TRADE AND CO-OPERATION AGREEMENT 2020 Written by SENIOR EUROPEAN EXPERTS, LONDON, abbreviated by Alexander Christiani INTRODUCTION On Christmas Eve 2020, the UK and the EU negotiators reached political agreement on the text of the UK-EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement (TCA).1  This agreement, which provides for ... Weiterlesen >



ERKLÄRUNG DER ÖSTERREICHISCH- BRITISCHEN GESELLSCHAFT ZUM ERGEBNIS DER VERHANDLUNGEN DES VEREINIGTEN KÖNIGREICHES MIT DER EUROPÄISCHEN UNION Verfasst von Alexander Christiani Die Österreichisch-Britische Gesellschaft(ABS),die sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, den Austausch und den Dialog zwischen Großbritannien und Österreich in allen Aspekten zu fördern, gibt ihrer Freude und ... Weiterlesen >

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Nelson Mandela’s first public appearance


… and why he was forced to delay it Ambassadorial Experiences | Part 2 By Alexander Christiani Nelson Mandela, after 27 years of incarceration by the Apartheid regime, was finally set free in Capetown on a sunny and hot Sunday on February 11, 1990. I, at that time, ... Weiterlesen >

Can the Brits do Emotions?


The Labour Leader’s Tear Jerker by Melanie Sully The British are known for the stiff upper lip. You just get on with it, make a cup of tea and carry on. The Queen is the epitome of dutiful aloofness which has won admiration because it suits the tasks ... Weiterlesen >

Austria suddenly politically isolated


One of several remarkable personal experiences of the former Austrian Ambassador in the Netherlands Ambassadorial Experiences | Part 1 Dr Alexander Christiani When on 4 February 2000 the Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel decided to form a government with the Haider-FPÖ, hell broke loose in Europe. A number of ... Weiterlesen >

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Today’s #AustroBritishSociety lecture of Prof. Horvat on "China’s Five-Year Plans for Economic and Social Development". Highly interesting insights giving all reason for fruitful discussions. A ... See more

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Our Vicepresident and former Ambassador Dr. Christiani grants in the today's #AustroBritishSociety blog insights in his ambassadorial life. Read the amazing story how he experienced Nelson Mandela's ... See more