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The Beacons of Gondor are alight, calling for aid.


Review of the Event Coffeehouse Quiz on Friday, 21 January 2022, at the Café Ministerium by Wolfgang Geissler You may, kind reader, wonder what this passage from Tolkien's book “The Return of the King” has to do with yesterday's event, the first-ever Coffeehouse Quiz. Please, stay with me, and ... Weiterlesen >



oder wie man für seine Handlungen Verantwortung übernehmen kann und die Konsequenzen akzeptiert (Rückblick auf die Veranstaltung „Neujahrsempfang“ in der Bristol Lounge, Hotel Bristol am Donnerstag 13. Jänner 2022) von Wolfgang Geißler Der 15. Buchstabe des griechischen Alphabets hat es so in sich. Somit bewahrheitete sich der dem Humoristen Wilhelm ... Weiterlesen >

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(Rückblick auf die Veranstaltung „Maroni und Punsch Silvester Party“ im Café Ministerium am Freitag, 31.12.2021) Von Wolfgang Geißler „Von des Lebens süßen Freuden Gibt die süßesten der Wein; Kürzet Stunden, mildert Leiden, Aber trinkt ihn nicht allein.“ Ich fand diesen weisen Spruch, der Conrad Ferdinand Meyer zugeschrieben wird,  in einem ... Weiterlesen >

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Policy Papers

ABS Policy Paper No. 26


Crime, justice & security co-operation with the EU after Brexit

Written by SENIOR EUROPEAN EXPERTS ,London ( abbreviated by Alexander Christiani)


Since the 1990s there has been a noticeable increase in cross-border crime, terrorism and people trafficking.  Whilst definitions vary, law enforcement agencies across the world have identified substantial increases in international crime following the end of the Cold War, the global increase in trade and the development of new technology which facilitates criminal activity. 1

The EU has developed increasingly sophisticated policy measures in response to the change in the threat level, very often at the urging of the … Weiterlesen >



Reflections on the Brexit anniversary Written by Colin Munro Summary Three days after the referendum Boris Johnson (BJ), leader of Vote Leave, wrote in the Daily Telegraph: British people will still be able to go and work in the EU, to live, to travel, to study, ... Weiterlesen >



Is Brexit Done?! Written by Colin Munro Summary From a British (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) perspective, Brexit will not only make the country poorer and less secure, it may also accelerate the breakup of a hitherto exceptionally successful multinational state. However, neither ... Weiterlesen >

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Diplomatic language troubles | The next episode


Ambassadorial Experiences | part 6 BY COLIN A. MUNRO East Germany In January 1990 on the occasion of the belated visit to East Germany by Douglas Hurd (DH), Ambassador Broomfield and I told him that the GDR was finished. He said he would tell Mrs Thatcher she would ... Weiterlesen >

The German Phrase Book (disaster)


BY MELANIE SULLY After reading the amusing contributions by Ambassador Christiani and Jochen Ressel on some awkward language situations I decided to relate my first encounter with Austria in 1970. Having decided Vienna, the city of music, would be the next place I should visit ‘abroad’ I bought ... Weiterlesen >

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