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Football is coming…. Rome ;-(


They sang from the bottom of their heart “God Save the Queen”, the members of the Austro-British Society gathered at the home of the Society, the Café Ministerium, on this Sunday evening - all of them hoping that football might come home, after England was World Football Champion in ... Weiterlesen >

Man darf optimistisch sein!


Es hält sich im Journalismus hartnäckig die Meinung, dass schlechte Nachrichten für die Auflagen der Zeitungen gesund seien, da sie sich exzellent verkaufen ließen. Das scheint Prof. DDr. Graninger, den viele von uns schon einst bei einem bemerkenswerten Vortrag im Café Ministerium kennengelernt haben, so zu halten.  Vorigen Freitag ... Weiterlesen >

The Magic of the Number Eleven!


Eleven derives from the Old English ęndleofon, first attested in Bede's late 9th-century “Ecclesiastical History of the English People”. It has cognates in every Germanic language (for example, German elf). 11 is a prime number. It is the smallest two-digit prime number in the decimal base. If a number is divisible by 11, reversing its digits will ... Weiterlesen >

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Aug 2021


Dream Horse
Votiv Kino Zeit: 20:00 - 22:30

Policy Papers



Is Brexit Done?!

Written by Colin Munro


From a British (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) perspective, Brexit will not only make the country poorer and less secure, it may also accelerate the breakup of a hitherto exceptionally successful multinational state. However, neither the negative consequences of Brexit, nor the mishandling until recently of the pandemic, will bring down the Conservative government in the period ahead. But a disintegrating union, combined with the inevitable failure of Brexit to deliver any of the benefits (apart from keeping out immigrants needed by the health service and some sectors of … Weiterlesen >



THE UK-EU TRADE AND CO-OPERATION AGREEMENT 2020 Written by SENIOR EUROPEAN EXPERTS, LONDON, abbreviated by Alexander Christiani INTRODUCTION On Christmas Eve 2020, the UK and the EU negotiators reached political agreement on the text of the UK-EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement (TCA).1  This agreement, which provides for ... Weiterlesen >



ERKLÄRUNG DER ÖSTERREICHISCH- BRITISCHEN GESELLSCHAFT ZUM ERGEBNIS DER VERHANDLUNGEN DES VEREINIGTEN KÖNIGREICHES MIT DER EUROPÄISCHEN UNION Verfasst von Alexander Christiani Die Österreichisch-Britische Gesellschaft(ABS),die sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, den Austausch und den Dialog zwischen Großbritannien und Österreich in allen Aspekten zu fördern, gibt ihrer Freude und ... Weiterlesen >

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Always news around the car


Experiences over 50 years of mobility from the perspective of the oil business  by Gustav Trubatsch Yes, it was really buzzing - the automotive industry in the 60s and 70s. Somehow it became clear that the car would be the product of the century. As a newcomer to ... Weiterlesen >

Strawberries and Cream


It’s Wimbledon again by Jochen Ressel In the late 1990’s, when I worked for a company’s London HQ, our President would have loved to be British. Unfortunately his name was so clearly Swedish, that there was never any doubt that he is not. As a compensation he collected ... Weiterlesen >

Diplomatic Lessons: Embrace Responsibility


by H.E. Ambassador Leigh Turner This blog article is republished without any modification from https://blogs.fcdo.gov.uk/leighturner/2021/06/22/diplomatic-lessons-8-2006-8-embrace-responsibility/  by courtesy of the author. When I started work as head of the Overseas Territories Department of the FCO (as it then was) in July 2006, I inherited from my predecessor three steel cabinets stuffed full ... Weiterlesen >

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Das Seitenblicke-Team war wieder zu Gast, als die #AustroBritishSociety zum 8. Geburtstag des Prince George zusammenkam, um ihn hochleben zu lassen! Hier der Bericht! ... See more

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In this moment, the Olympic Games in Toyko have begun. When the Olympic community was in Tokyo for the first time 1964, a new graphic design movement started, which is very common today: The sports ... See more