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Was ist eine „erlesene Schönheit“?


Ein Rückblick auf die Generalversammlung am 11. September 2023 in der Diplomatischen Akademie. (Fotos: Wolfgang Geißler) Von Wolfgang Geißler Dass unser Ehrenpräsident und Hausherr der Diplomatischen Akademie Dr. Emil Brix  über das übervolle Haus bei einer Generalversammlung mehr als nur überrascht war, was offensichtlich anderswo Seltenheitswert hat, er war... Weiterlesen >

To the Prince!


Rückblick auf die Prince George Birthday Party am 21. Juli 2023 im Café Ministerium Von Wolfgang Geißler Kurz nach neun Uhr abends schallte der aus 100 Kehlen gestoßene Ruf „To the Prince!“ über den Georg Coch Platz vor dem legendären Café Ministerium bis hinauf zum Stubenring. Gestört hat es... Weiterlesen >

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Sep 2023

Okt 2023

16/10/2023 - 24/10/2023

Policy Papers



The Future of UK-EU Relationship

Report by the Lords European Affairs Committee und submitted by Anthony Cary (Ambassador ret.) of the “European & International Analysts Group” in London.

Recommendations by the Committee:


  • The rapid conclusion of cooperation agreements with the EU that had been blocked by the dispute over the NIP – notably on Horizon Europe, electricity trading and financial services.
  • Regular dialogue with the EU institutions at all levels – and especially between HMG and the European Commission in the Partnership Council.  The Withdrawal Agreement and the TCA established extensive institutional machinery, but it has scarcely… Weiterlesen >



Superpower of Unpeace? The USA want to prevent a counter-power from emerging on the Eurasian double continent. Europe must emancipate itself from America to ensure peace and prosperity.  Written by Stefan Baron (German journalist and author - Head of communications at Deutsche Bank until May 2012.... Weiterlesen >

Policy Paper No. 32


Windsor Framework, Brexit and Northern Ireland written by former Ambassador Colin A. Munro The framework for implementation of the Nothern Ireland (NI) Protocol, an integral part of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement (WA), was agreed by the UK and the EU, during the visit... Weiterlesen >

ABS Blog

The Case of Karin Kneissl


Personal Encounters with a Talented Woman BY ALEXANDER CHRISTIANI When I returned to the "headquarters" of the Foreign Office in 1990 after four fascinating years in South Africa and became Head of the Department for the Middle East and Africa, a young member of staff introduced herself to... Weiterlesen >

The Ukraine Drama


Deficiencies in Western Strategy BY ALEXANDER CHRISTIANI Every day and week I am witnessing this tragic conflict, I find it more and more incomprehensible that the West – the United States, NATO and the European Union – is failing to actively and aggressively respond to and counter Putin’s... Weiterlesen >

The Human King


BY JOCHEN RESSEL How much do you know about the King of Belgium? You know his name, don't you? Or let's talk about Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein. What are the names of his children? Or about Queen Margrethe II. Do you know which country she is Queen... Weiterlesen >

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