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Twelve is a Perfect Number


Review of the 12th  ABS "Heurigen" Evening on Friday, 1 July 2022, at the Buschenschank Wolff. By Wolfgang Geissler 12 is not a perfect number because the sum of its factors, 1+2+3+4+6, is greater than 12. Numbers like 12 are known as abundant numbers. The number 12 is mentioned ... Weiterlesen >

Red Bull in Salzburg is calling


Eine kleine Gruppe von British Cars Enthusiasten startete den 2-Tages-Ausflug westlich von Wien nach Salzburg. Nach einer Stunde Fahrtzeit gab es eine Pause, um das historische Feuerwehrmuseum in St.Florian zu besichtigen. Zahlreiche beeindruckende Ausstellungsstücke zeigen die Geschichte und Entwicklung der Materialien sowie Fahrzeuge, welche von der Feuerwehr in ihrer hilfreichen ... Weiterlesen >



Polo steht für eine Sportart, eine musikalische Form des Flamenco und ein Automodell von Volkswagen - hier ist natürlich vom Sport die Rede. Wikipedia weiß weiters: „Polo ist eine Mannschaftssportart, bei der die auf Pferden reitenden vier Spieler pro Mannschaft einen Ball mit einem langen Holzschläger in das gegnerische ... Weiterlesen >

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Policy Papers

Policy Paper No. 29


Improving the UK-EU Relationship

Written by Eric Cummings (European & International Analysts Group, London)


Since the UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 there have been many suggestions for building on the basic arrangements laid down in the Withdrawal Agreement and the subsequent Trade & Co-operation Agreement.  A number of Parliamentary inquiries have highlighted deficiencies in the current arrangements and pointed the way towards improving them.

The outcome of the Northern Ireland Assembly elections in May 2022, when Sinn Fein became the largest party for the first time and the Democratic Unionist Party refused to agree to the Assembly … Weiterlesen >

Policy Paper No. 28


Co-operation between the European Union and the United Kingdom in Defence, Security, Intelligence and Justice & Home Affairs after BREXIT Written by Alexander Christiani The decision by the British Government to leave the European Union was, in my mind a colossal mistake whose negative reverberations will ... Weiterlesen >

The Fading Rainbow Nation | South Africa in 2022


The Fading Rainbow Nation | South Africa in 2022 Written by Tony Leon -  commentary  by Alexander Christiani, Austrian Ambassador to South Africa 1986-1990 Shakespeare’s lament that “When sorrows come, they come not as single spies, but in battalions” resonates deeply in South Africa today. Twenty-eight ... Weiterlesen >

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Austrian vs. British “Sommerfrische”


Where the differences lie by Jochen Ressel | with highly appreciated inputs from Melanie Sully, Wolfgang Geissler and Ian Murdoch Spring has finally arrived, the snow has disappeared, and the warm and sunny period has started, making many of us think about plans for the summer season. Reason ... Weiterlesen >

Schwarzenegger addresses Russian people


by Jochen Ressel On March 18th, 2022, a special video message has been distributed through various communication channels, produced by the famous and worldwide known former Governor of California, former bodybuilding World Champion, and former actor, born in Austrian who made his career in the United States, Arnold ... Weiterlesen >

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3 months ago

Members of the Royal Family and representatives of His Royal Highness's many charities and interests gathered at Westminster Abbey to celebrate the life and work of this extraordinary public figure. ... See more

3 months ago

Und hier ist er schon, der Nachbericht zu einer weiteren großartigen #AustroBritishSociety-Veranstaltung, bei der Botschafter a.D. Dr. Alexander Christiani mit humorvollen Aspekte des diplomatischen ... See more