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All Good Things come to an End.


You better sit down! James Bond is dead. Rockets blew him to smithereens. Now I said it, leaving you all alone to deal with that loss and your pain. Chin up! You’ll get over it. The traditional British remedy, sweet tea with extra sugar, will surely help! After 25 ... Weiterlesen >

„Bist du jung, gesund und frei, komm zur Wiener Polizei!“ (Werbeplakat 1960)


Was die Österreichisch-Britische Gesellschaft so ganz anders macht, so speziell, ist ihre Einzigartigkeit einer Freundschaftsgesellschaft. Nicht nur im Bilateralen zwischen Österreich und Großbritannien, sondern auch untereinander. Im Laufe der Zeit kennt nahezu jeder jeden und es werden freundschaftliche Bande geknüpft. Niemand erkennt das besser als der Autor dieser Zeilen, ... Weiterlesen >

Das DNA des Kaisers


Vor rund einhundert Jahren war eine Reise im Luxus Dampfzug durch schöne Landschaften und prachtvolle Städte Europas Teil eines besonderen Lebensgefühls des „Fin de siècle“. Für den europäischen Hof- und Geldadel konstruiert, waren die Hersteller dieser Züge stolz darauf, perfekte Kunstwerke zu schaffen, um den Reisenden in diesen Waggons ... Weiterlesen >

Policy Papers



Reflections on the Brexit anniversary

Written by Colin Munro


Three days after the referendum Boris Johnson (BJ), leader of Vote Leave, wrote in the Daily Telegraph:

  • British people will still be able to go and work in the EU, to live, to travel, to study, to buy homes and settle down. There will continue to be free trade and access to the single market.

On 13 July 2016, the new Prime Minister (Theresa May) appointed BJ as Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.  He … Weiterlesen >



Is Brexit Done?! Written by Colin Munro Summary From a British (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) perspective, Brexit will not only make the country poorer and less secure, it may also accelerate the breakup of a hitherto exceptionally successful multinational state. However, neither ... Weiterlesen >



THE UK-EU TRADE AND CO-OPERATION AGREEMENT 2020 Written by SENIOR EUROPEAN EXPERTS, LONDON, abbreviated by Alexander Christiani INTRODUCTION On Christmas Eve 2020, the UK and the EU negotiators reached political agreement on the text of the UK-EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement (TCA).1  This agreement, which provides for ... Weiterlesen >

ABS Blog

Give something back


Diplomatic lessons, Vienna 2016-2021 by former Ambassador Leigh Turner This blog article is republished without modifications from https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/diplomatic-lessons-11-vienna-2016-21-give-something-back-turner-cmg/ by courtesy of the author. When I was appointed as a junior diplomat to Vienna in September 1984, my letter of appointment, signed by Her Majesty the Queen and Foreign ... Weiterlesen >

The Stiff Upper Lip


or, The Show Must Go On? by Gerhard Seidl One of the reasons for my deep love of Britain is its vibrant music scene. In the 80’s and 90’s I enjoyed many memorable nights in small clubs, and big open-air festivals, all over the island. Every summer, during ... Weiterlesen >

Relevance in question: The Olympic Games


by Jochen Ressel As a sports Epeé fencer, a number of years ago, I decided to dive deeper into this fascinating sport than just having training multiple times per week – covering tactics, concentration, fencing technique, speed, muscularity and elasticity, whilst participating in numerous competitions over the season. ... Weiterlesen >

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#Brexit: before - after…

3 days ago

After the retirement of our Honorary President, former Ambassador Leigh Turner, he summarised his diplomatic experiences from his time in Vienna. We are glad that he decided to stay in our city when ... See more