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England ist Vize-Europameister


Der Traum vom "Coming Home" ist geplatzt. England verlor gegen Spanien im Finale der Fußball-Europameisterschaft in Berlin mit 1:2. Nach einer vorsichtigen und unspektakulären ersten Halbzeit, wurde es in der zweiten Hälfte zu einem attraktiven Fußballspiel mit zahlreichen Torchancen auf beiden Seiten. Letztlich waren die Spanier aber auch in diesem Spiel... Weiterlesen >

Ah, the Number 14!


Review of the 14th ABS “Heurigen” Evening on Friday, 28 June 2024, at the Buschenschank Wolff (Fotos: Wolfgang Geissler) By Wolfgang Geissler On 14 July 2011, the inaugural Heurigen Evening of the Austro-British Society (ABS) took place, marking the beginning of a now traditional event. Despite the similarities, each... Weiterlesen >

The Party is Over


Ein Rückblick auf den Vortrag von Mag. Michael Müller „Aktuelle UK Wirtschaftslage vor den Wahlen“ am 20. Juni 2024 im Cafe Ministerium Fotos: Wolfgang Geißler Von Wolfgang Geißler Am Dienstag, den 21. Mai 2024, kam der britische Premierminister Rishi Sunak zu einem offiziellen Besuch nach Wien. Nach einem Empfang... Weiterlesen >

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04/12/2024 - 12/12/2024

Policy Papers

ABS Policy Paper No. 37


Reflections on America’s, NATO’s and Russia’s approach to European Security since the 1990s

This ABS Policy Paper is written by Ambassador ret. Robert Hunter.

Of all the crises now besetting the world – particularly the West – most consequential is the war between Russia and Ukraine and thus also the NATO Alliance. China may be most problematic in the long term and Gaza now most preoccupies the United States and the global media. But arrangements devised for Ukrainian, Russian, and overall European security following the war in Ukraine will have the most critical impact on global geopolitics for at… Weiterlesen >

ABS Policy Paper No. 36


Why does Iran what it does across its borders? This ABS Policy Paper is written by Sir Richard Dalton KCMG, who has served as British Ambassador to Iran, to Libya and as Consul-General in Jerusalem. It is very difficult to foresee how things can possibly get... Weiterlesen >



The Israel-Palestinian conflict – a case for a Confederation This ABS Policy Paper is written by Andreas Herdina, former Austrian diplomat, some elements and conclusion added by Alexander Christiani. Background and rationale In 1988, the Austrian Foreign Ministry conducted a brainstorming inviting all its diplomatic staff... Weiterlesen >

ABS Blog

The UK General Elections


AN ANALYSIS BY MELANIE SULLY Results of the 2024 UK General Election can be found on https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/c4nglegege1o The difference between the Conservatives and Labour in percentage terms has hardly changed in months and the campaign did little to alter this. Generally the discussion we had in the... Weiterlesen >

Antisemitism, Anti-Judaism, and Anti-Israel Sentiments


Understanding the Complexities by Wolfgang Geissler Introduction Antisemitism is a global issue that has been prevalent for centuries. It is a form of discrimination against Jewish people and is often characterized by hatred, prejudice, and violence.As an introduction, we will explore the differences between antisemitism in Austria and Great... Weiterlesen >

Singers in Waiting


What Singers Actually Do While Awaiting Their Performance by Jochen Ressel Around this time last year, I penned an ABS Blog article titled "Culture – What is it good for?" exploring the significance or insignificance of cultural events, such as those held in Vienna at the turn of the year.... Weiterlesen >