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“N” the Drama Behind a Word


Review of the Drama "N" by Adrienne Earle Pender on Thursday, 22 February 2024 at Theater Drachengasse. Photos by Wolfgang Geissler and Wolfgang Menth-Chiari By Wolfgang Geissler Let me start with an intriguing story. Once upon a time there was the Emperor Norton I, also known as Joshua Abraham... Weiterlesen >

A Little Night Music II


English Miniatures Review of the Recital with Eric McElroy, Piano, and Joe Chu-Yu Yang, Violin, on Friday, 16th February 2024, at the Curhaus, the Parsonage of St. Stephan, Stephansplatz 3, Leosaal, 1010 Wien. Photos by Wolfgang Geissler and Wolfgang Buchta By Wolfgang Geissler Eric McElroy is no stranger to... Weiterlesen >

Wien, Wien, nur du allein…


Rückblick auf den Vortrag „Wien Heute und Morgen“ von Dr. Michael Ludwig, Bürgermeister von Wien, am Dienstag, 13. Februar 2024, im Rathaus der Stadt Wien. Mit Fotos von Wolfgang Buchta und Wolfgang Geißler Von Wolfgang Geißler „Perle im Donautal, reizendes Wien, in jedem Gasserl liegt ein kleines Märchen drin!“... Weiterlesen >

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Mrz 2024

Apr 2024

25/04/2024 - 28/04/2024

Policy Papers



The Israel-Palestinian conflict – a case for a Confederation

This ABS Policy Paper is written by Andreas Herdina, former Austrian diplomat, some elements and conclusion added by Alexander Christiani.

Background and rationale

In 1988, the Austrian Foreign Ministry conducted a brainstorming inviting all its diplomatic staff to provide ideas for a Middle East peace formula. The Two-State-SoIution inherently infers antagonism between both sides. By contrast, a Confederation would find its centre of gravity in cooperation. The geographic space is too small to separate the land into a two-state-construct, besides Israeli Prime Minister Netanjahu has never favored at two-state-solution, despite some… Weiterlesen >



The Future of UK-EU Relationship Report by the Lords European Affairs Committee und submitted by Anthony Cary (Ambassador ret.) of the “European & International Analysts Group” in London. Recommendations by the Committee: POLITICAL, DIPLOMATIC, INSTITUTIONAL The rapid conclusion of cooperation agreements with the EU that had... Weiterlesen >



Superpower of Unpeace? The USA want to prevent a counter-power from emerging on the Eurasian double continent. Europe must emancipate itself from America to ensure peace and prosperity.  Written by Stefan Baron (German journalist and author - Head of communications at Deutsche Bank until May 2012.... Weiterlesen >

ABS Blog

Singers in Waiting


What Singers Actually Do While Awaiting Their Performance BY JOCHEN RESSEL Around this time last year, I penned an ABS Blog article titled "Culture – What is it good for?" exploring the significance or insignificance of cultural events, such as those held in Vienna at the turn of the year.... Weiterlesen >

Antisemitism, Anti-Judaism, and Anti-Israel Sentiments


UNDERSTANDING THE COMPLEXITIES BY WOLFGANG GEISSLER Introduction Antisemitism is a global issue that has been prevalent for centuries. It is a form of discrimination against Jewish people and is often characterized by hatred, prejudice, and violence.As an introduction, we will explore the differences between antisemitism in Austria and Great... Weiterlesen >

World-Wide Trouble Spots 2024


An Overview BY ALEXANDER CHRISTIANI Never since the Second World War the world at present is shocked and troubled by so many wars, conflicts and crises. An overview therefore seems appropriate to map out what we are due to expect in 2024 and how we could or should... Weiterlesen >