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ABS-NL 2022-04 - ressel
Dear Members and Friends of the ABS!

Since February 2020, we have been confronted with a pandemic that occupies us daily. It has a lasting impact on almost all areas of our lives and places a burden on us that should not be underestimated.

In Austria and the UK, we deal with disturbing political changes almost every week - from imprisoned ex-ministers to government reshuffles to committees of enquiry, court cases and investigations involving active and recently resigned politicians.

And if that were not enough, just a few hundred kilometres away, we see a brutal war initiated by an autocratic ruler against a rich and diverse country with close ties to Austria. Unforeseeable inflation, the resulting stream of refugees and energy supply insecurity worries us and affects us directly.

What can we do as the Austro-British Society in the face of all this? We can't move anything in terms of political realism - we have to be honest about that. But socio-politically, we have a mandate that we fulfil every month: We all work with all our might to offer you reliable and unfiltered information on the one hand and occasions for joy and relaxation on the other. Our souls and minds need relief in the face of all that we are confronted with! As the ABS, we try to give you positive impulses and offer occasions to make your life more colourful, cheerful and forward-looking. I hope you enjoy reading this edition of the ABS News in this spirit.

Yours Jochen Ressel,
ABS Secretary-General & ABS News Editor-in-Chief


ABS-NL 2022-04 tiroch2
Die Zukunft der ABS gemeinsam gestalten!

Wer live dabei war, oder den Eventbericht des ABS-Kindermal-Wettbewerbs "Half Term Nature Challenge" im Juni 2021 gelesen hat, dem mag etwas besonderes aufgefallen sein: Unter den 60 Kindern, die ein Bild eingereicht haben und den über 100 Anwesenden waren Menschen verschiedenster Ethnien, Religionen und Kulturkreise. Unsere Zukunft ist divers, bunt und vielfältig!

Wenn ich die Fotos aktueller ABS-Events durchklicke, dann wird mir klar, dass wir gemeinsam daran arbeiten müssen, mit aktuellen demoskopischen Entwicklungen Schritt zu halten - das ist unter anderem eine meiner Aufgaben als Präsident der ABS und dieser Herausforderung stelle ich mich gerne. Allerdings brauche ich dafür ganz speziell Ihre Hilfe!

Eine ganz persönliche Einladung an Sie!

Ich lade Sie von ganzem Herzen ein, an unseren Brainstorming-Gruppen teilzunehmen, um neue Ansätze zu generieren, wie wir als ABS in die Zukunft gehen, sie gemeinsam gestalten und unsere ehrenwerte Gesellschaft zukunftsfit halten. Ich habe drei solcher Gruppen ins Leben gerufen:
  • Ideen für die Altersgruppe 20-30
  • Ideen für die Altersgruppe 40-50 sowie
  • Ideen für Firmenmitglieder

Nach Ostern wird es ein Kick-Off-Meeting mit einem anschließenden Brainstorming für jede Gruppe geben und ich würde es sehr schätzen, wenn Sie dabei wären! Lassen Sie es mich wissen, wenn Sie Interesse haben, an diesem Ideenfindungs-Prozess teilzuhaben! Herzlichen Dank bereits im Voraus für Ihr Engagement.

Ihr Prof. KR Dr. Kurt Tiroch
ABS Präsident


Unwrapped Chocolate Easter Egg
How Britain celebrates Easter

Spring is coming, and we are looking not only to enjoy the awakening of nature for a new life but to celebrates celebrate one of the biggest Christian holidays. For centuries, at Easter, traditions are everything. And although the Christian Church has tried over the years to standardize the way we celebrate, some specific features can be noticed in many countries around the world. Today we have put together some of the most interesting British Easter traditions.

Easter eggs
Beautiful decorated or chocolate Easter eggs are important in Britain, too. What would Easter be without eggs? They symbolize new life and represent the resurrection of Jesus. The same applies to the Easter egg hunt, which usually takes place on Easter morning when children follow clues to find the hidden eggs (delivered by the mysterious Easter Bunny).
ABS-NL 2022-04 bun
Hot Cross Buns
In England, a traditional favourite on Good Friday, Hot Cross Buns are spicy currant or raisin studded yeast buns topped with a “cross” of lemon-flavoured icing. The Christian Church “Christianized” the bread with Queen Elizabeth I passing a law that limited the bun´s consumption to proper religious ceremonies (Christmas, Easter or funerals).
ABS-NL 2022-04 nuttersdance
Nutters dance
Since 1857 the Nutters dance has been a unique tradition in a village called Bacup in Lancaster. The local “Britannia Coco-nut Dancers” (shortly the “Nutters”) dance for 11 km through the village and drink a pint of beer in every pub along the way. The dancers are wearing dark makeup wear clogs, red and white skirts, black trousers and shirts. They have bells on their legs and are led by a man, cracking a whip (“whiffler”) to fend off evil spirits.
ABS-NL 2022-04 maundy
Royal Maundy - Maundy Thursday
The Royal Maundy or Maundy Thursday is an ancient ceremony that originates in the commandment Christ gave after washing his disciples’ feet on the day before Good Friday. Later by washing the feet of the poor and giving money and gifts, the Royal Family was showing humility and compassion. On Maundy Thursday, elderly men and women who are considered to have given Christian service to their community receive two leather string purses, one white (containing standard British currency for food and clothing) and one red (full with Maundy coins, the amount given corresponding to the current Queen’s age in pence).

This is only a selection of a few well-known British Easter traditions. No matter how we intend to enjoy the coming Easter celebrations with our family, let us take a minute and recall the basic Christian principles and beliefs. Let us find the strength to open our hearts to the poor and needy and share more love and light with each other. Happy Easter!

by Ekaterina Yaneva


What you missed, if you haven't been part of

Again, it was a great event month for the ABS and its members, with two exciting opportunities to get together to learn, discuss, laugh and enjoy our club life.
  • March 29th, 2022: "Diplomatie nicht zu ernst genommen“. Anekdoten aus einem diplomatischen Leben des ABS-Vizepräsidenten Dr. Alexander Christiani. Klicken Sie auf die untenstehenden Fotos, um zum Bericht inkl. Fotodokumentation zu gelangen:
ABS-NL 2022-04 - evernt1
  • March 17th, 2022: „Die sicherheitspolitischen Herausforderungen für Österreich angesichts der dramatischen Krise im Osten“ mit Dr. Arnold Kammel. Klicken Sie auf die untenstehenden Fotos, um zum Bericht inkl. Fotodokumentation zu gelangen:
ABS-NL 2022-04 event2


ABS-NL 2022-04 westminster
A special recommendation

The ABS-April holds numerous special events for you, for some of which you found your invitations already in your email inboxes and hopefully, you have already registered. If not, let us remind you:

  • An English Easter Feast
    • Thursday, April 14th, 2022 - in and outside Cafe Ministerium and its wonderful "Schanigarten."
    • With unique English Easter traditions, you can participate!
  • Exclusive event with the iconic British brand Aston Martin
    • Thursday, April 21st, 2022, in the sterling showrooms, where Stephan Ziegelbauer, General Manager of Aston Martin Vienna, will give us unique insights.
    • Special dress code: Gentlemen: Cutaway, Dinner Jacket, or Dresskilt - Ladies: Evening gown or long cocktail dress
Please check out the invitations you have received via email for the registration. But further to the above, we would like to draw your attention to an extraordinary trip the ABS will undertake in May:


You have read correctly: Normally, this is impossible. It would help if you had an extraordinary network to be welcomed to the Houses of Parliament - but the ABS has those connections. Therefore, use this highly exclusive opportunity, which you may never ever come across again:
  • May 22nd to 24th, 2022
  • Visit the Fuller's Brewery and the amazing Beefeater Gin Distillery, and optionally we are working to offer the visit to the Premier League match Chelsea vs Watford.
  • Visit the Houses of Parliament with Sir Peter Bottomley, MP, who will show us this incredible building in detail, followed by a visit to the House of Commons.
  • Visit the City of London to meet David Marsh for a special lecture, as he is the Chairman of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum.
This does not only sound amazing - it is indeed an extraordinary trip. Please find the travel details by CLICKING THIS LINK.

If you are interested in participating, please let us know as soon as you can:


ABS-NL 2022-04 - ladysda
Searching for the location

Prior to the show "Lady Day" in Theater Drachengasse, I received a phone call from a distressed ABS member who asked me where "Emerson's Bar and Grill" was located in the theatre.

When I told the person that there was no such a place as "Emerson's Bar and Grill" in the Theater Drachengasse but that it was part of the title of the play "Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill", I was greeted with a stunned silence followed by an almighty crash: the sound that the penny has finally dropped.

by Wolfgang Geissler


As already brought to your attention:

  • Account name: Österreichisch-Britische Gesellschaft
  • Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG
  • IBAN: AT422011184479592100


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