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Dear Members and Friends of the ABS,

"The EU is the greatest peace project since World War II": How ridiculous this phrase has often been made, not only in continental Europe, but also in the UK. Everyone should have realised by now: Peace can't be taken for granted - on the contrary: it is a fragile asset that is constantly at risk, and situations can change in a moment. Another fact that everyone should now be actually aware of is that every political conflict, wherever it occurs, affects us directly.

If you think the Middle East does not impact our lives, visit Vienna's city centre. Not only do thousands of candles burn in memory of the victims, but for weeks, hundreds, if not thousands, of people, have been demonstrating for genocide and the extermination of entire countries in the most aggressive choruses - without official allowance, unpunished and with the tolerance of public authorities and in front of one of the most important sacred buildings in our culture, St Stephen's Cathedral, with which they noticeably disturb religious activities of Christians.

If you think the Ukraine conflict doesn't affect us, talk to people involved in agricultural production in Austria about the dramatic impact this conflict has on commodity prices - to name just one example.

What should we conclude from this? We must be vigilant and attentive as we walk through the world. We have a duty to inform ourselves, from trustworthy sources and truly knowledgeable experts, about the proper connections, about historical backgrounds - about everything we need to form our own picture of the situation and to base our politically relevant decisions, e.g. in elections, on a reliable foundation.

The Austro-British Society is one of the sources we advise you to use, all the more so as we have several people on our Board who have dedicated their entire professional lives to peacebuilding as highly decorated and deserving diplomats. This enables us to offer top information from top experts at the highest level. And we recommend that you spread the word among your circle of friends and acquaintances. We look forward to welcoming your guests!

Yours, Jochen Ressel,
ABS Secretary General & ABS News Editor-in-Chief


Another ABS Corporate member to welcome!

We continue to strive to attract new members esp, especially new company members. It is a great pleasure to welcome Mr. Werner C. Kaizar and his company "Kaizar Art & Tweed" as a ABS Corporate member.

Members have often referred me to this company in Reichenau an der Rax. So, I decided to plan a visit to Reichenau on the way to Carinthia. You can't miss the small shop, which is full of British goods, and the very British-style exterior. A bar table in front of the shop, where sparkling wine and wine are served to visitors and used by the locals as a communication centre, invites you to linger. The profound connoisseur of British lifestyle and classic fashion led me eloquently and competently through his store - very British indeed. It is an incredible treasure trove for Anglophiles, where hardly any wish remains unfulfilled. Customers from all over Austria and even from abroad have been coming to Kaizar in Reichenau since its second anniversary. A large attached cellar is used for events, and the friendly offer and invitation to a champagne reception for our members naturally interests me.

Perhaps this location will be part of our program for next year's British Car Excursion. Watch this space!

Prof KR Dr Kurt Tiroch
ABS President


Get to know us all!

You may be familiar with our incredibly dedicated Executive Committee, President Dr Kurt Tiroch and Vice President Dr Alexander Christiani, as well as other individual ABS Board members - but do you know all the members of the ABS Board and what professional experience they have?

To give you a face to all the people who make up our ABS Board, but also to enable you to find out more about them, all Board members are presented on our website, including their CVs. Take advantage of this new service and visit our board member webpage by clicking on this button:


Only two?? But two extremely outstanding events!

The ABS was travelling for nine days, and what the delegation brought back from Uganda was extraordinary - great photos and a comprehensive report. The evening with former Federal Chancellor Dr Wolfgang Schüssel after the return of our friends from Uganda was one of the absolute highlights of the ABS know-how transfer. No other bilateral organisation offers something so extraordinary! Enjoy reading the event report and looking through the many photos!

Bundeskanzler a.D. Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel
  • Ein außergewöhnlicher Vortrag zum Thema "Globale Perspektive" mit anschließender hochinteressanter Diskussion über Geopolitik und aktuelle Herausforderungen.
Die ABS in Uganda
  • Reisebericht einer gewaltigen Reise durch Uganda vom 16. bis 24. Oktober 2023 mit einer großen ABS-Delegation - inkl. vieler eindrucksvoller Fotos!


A very brief overview!

Three events in November give you another opportunity to gather with anglophile friends and to enlarge knowledge but also joy of life:

  • Nov.6, 2023: Lecture of Federal Minister KAROLINE EDTSTADLER. Topic: "Österreichische Innenpolitik im Spannungsfeld mit der EU". Diplomatic Academy.
  • Nov.10, 2023: Reading with former Ambassador LEIGH TURNER. Topic: "The Hitchhikers Guide to Diplomacy". Cafe Ministerium.
  • End Nov: Social Event at HOUSE OF SCOTLAND to see the new collection of premium Scottish clothing.


We proudly present: Kaizar Art & Tweed

British fashion, contemporary art, sparkling wine and wine - all this is available in a gem in the old vaults of Reichenau Castle at the foot of the Rax.

When you enter the world of "Kaizar Art & Tweed" at Schlossplatz 5, 2651 Reichenau an der Rax, you can expect to find marvellous handmade items of a quality that has become rare. From handmade silk ties and customised shoes to British clothing for men and women and contemporary art. Exquisite sparkling wine and wines round off the range.

And we are delighted to welcome the Kaizar family to the group of exquisite ABS Corporate members.


In the light of current events


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