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JoRessel 2022-09
Dear Members and Friends of the ABS!

With great sadness, we all have received the news of Her Majesty's Queen Elizabeth II passing away in the early evening of September 8th, 2022. More than 70 years-long reign came to an unexpected, prompt end.

For us at the Austro-British Society, it was a sad obligation during these days to provide you, as our distinguished members, with as much information as possible and to honour Queen Elizabeth in the best way we could.

We did this through multiple media presences, articles published by the ABS, increased information presence on our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, and signified gatherings.

With this special edition of ABS News, we summarise all this for you in honour of Queen Elizabeth II and wish the new Sovereign, His Majesty King Charles III, God's blessings in his new, long-awaited, yet so suddenly passed on to him, state-bearing and responsible duty.

Yours Jochen Ressel,
ABS Secretary-General & ABS News Editor-in-Chief


ABS-NL 2022-09-ER - queen portrait
ABS Board member and former Ambassador Colin A. Munro wrote about Queen Elizabeth II’s life and impact.

Colin A. Munro is a Board Member of the Austro-British Society and is a UK native. He attended George Watson’s College and Edinburgh University and joined HM Diplomatic Service in 1969. He held numerous positions in Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, Bucharest, Frankfurt, and Zagreb during his career. He served as the Private Secretary to the Minister of State responsible for Central and Eastern Europe. His last posting in HM Diplomatic Service was as Ambassador to the OSCE. He chairs the UK Citizens in Austria, and in the ABS, he is also a member of the Expert Council.

Therefore, he is highly qualified to summarise his remarkable life and its impact on Queen Elizabeth II. He thankfully published a fascinating ABS Blog article, which we highly recommend to you. Enjoy reading!


The ABS published an official statement on the day after Queen Elizabeth II passed away - Click on the statement to enlarge.
ABS-Statement - Queen Elisabeth II - FINAL


An incredible media presence of the ABS these days, generating extensive reach.

From the day it was announced that the Queen's health status was worrying until the broadcast of the state funeral, numerous media inquiries were received. If our ABS President Dr Kurt Tiroch, our Honorary President, former Ambassador Leigh Turner, ABS Board member and politics expert Prof Melanie Sully or ABS Members like Municipal Council Member of the city of Wiener Neustadt Christian Hoffmann, they all managed to generate a considerable media impact of our honourable society.

ABS-NL 2022-09-ER - media2
Here a list of ABS media appearances (without claiming completeness):

  • 8.9.2022 - ORF Wien heute: Sorge um die Queen - TV-Interview Dr. Kurt Tiroch
  • 8.9.2022 - Puls24: Sorge um die Queen - TV-Interview mit Melanie Sully
  • 9.9.2022 - Puls24: Die Queen ist tot - TV-Interview mit Dr. Kurt Tiroch
  • 9.9.2022 - Radio Wien: Die Queen ist tot - Radio-Interview mit Dr. Kurt Tiroch
  • 9.9.2022 - Puls24: Die Queen ist tot - TV-Interview mit Melanie Sully
  • 9.9.2022 - ORF ZiB2: Akt. Situation in London - TV-Interview mit Leigh Turner
  • 10.9.2022 - ORF NÖ heute: Die Queen ist tot - TV-Interview mit Christian Hoffmann
  • 10.9.2022 - Kurier: Die Queen ist tot - Zeitungs-Interview mit Christian Hoffmann
  • 11.9.2022 - Kurier: Die Queen ist tot - Zeitungs-Interview mit Dr. Kurt Tiroch
  • 12.9.2022 - Puls24: Der neue König - TV-Interview mit Melanie Sully
  • 13.9.2022 - ORF III: Die nächsten Schritte - TV-Interview mit Dr. Kurt Tiroch
  • 20.9.2022 - Wiener Zeitung: ABS verfolgt das Staatsbegräbnis - Zeitungs-Bericht mit Interviews
  • 20.9.2022 - ORF III: Das Staatsbegräbnis für die Queen und die ABS - TV-Bericht mit Interviews


ABS-NL 2022-09-ER - socialmedia
Extensive information flow for our members on Facebook and Instagram

It is worth following the ABS on its social media channels - Facebook and Instagram - as we provide top information about all events through the last period of time. From the time it was announced that the Royal family was on the way to see the Queen in Balmoral because of her health condition until the impressive funeral, 55 posts were provided on each of the channels - hence, in total, 110 posts! The reach generated through all those postings is remarkable.

Follow the links below to review what has been provided:


Two gatherings were organized in the shortest possible time to honour the Queen.

On September 14th, 2022, the 12th anniversary of the re-establishment of our society was planned to be celebrated at the residence of HM Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Austria. After the Queen's death, it was unthinkable that this happened, and the planning for two events commenced to honour the Queen. Find the report here:

IMG_0042 (2)
  • Queen Elizabeth II Memorial - September 15th, 2022:
    • Curhaus-Kapelle der Dom- und Metropolitan-Pfarre St. Stephan mit Domkurat Konstantin Reymaier.
ABS-NL 2022-09-ER - event2
  • Queen Elizabeth II Funeral - September 19th, 2022:
    • Gathering of members to watch the BBC broadcast of the historic funeral.


ABS-NL 2022-09-ER - geissler
Wolfgang Geißler reading the poem
A special poem was read on the occasion of the Queen's Memorial.

At the Queen Elizabeth II Memorial, ABS Board member Wolfgang Geißler had the honour of reciting the poem "For Elizabeth" by Philippa Atkin. Philippa Atkin lives in Halifax, Yorkshire and describes herself, among other things, as a "word manipulator". At the suggestion of several ABS members, we are publishing this particular poem here.

For Elizabeth

Lay still your tongues and bow your heads, lower the flags, our Queen is dead.
Put down your work, set games aside, silence the songs, our Queen has died.
Stand in the streets, pause in the rush, think of her now, amid the hush;
in the time before the tribute drum, ‘til the bugles call and the eulogies come.
Hold back the words, make no speeches today, reflect on the debt we may never repay.
A beacon of light, a life lived well, give thanks for our Queen, toll the mourning bell.
Grieve now a while, let the Nations weep, for our greatest Queen in her final sleep.
Then raise up your hearts, let her legacy sing, Great Britain unite and stand by our King.
The future is ours in a world made bright, by the strength of her love and eternal light.

Philippa Atkin


ABS-NL 2022-09-ER - charles
ABS Board member Jochen Ressel wrote on King Charles III, speculations of previous years and what to expect in the future.

In the decisive second, when Queen Elizabeth II closed her eyes forever, The Prince of Wales was promoted to King as tradition wanted it. For a while, there was speculation about what continuity would look like in case the Queen resigns or might die. This ABS Blog article focuses on the long preparation period for Charles' role as King and what to expect from King Charles III. Enjoy reading!


ABS-NL 2022-09-ER - lastpage


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